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If you’ve always loved tartan, you’ll love the select pieces on offer from Loewe now that all feature the iconic pattern described by Wikipedia as ‘consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours’. Yes, it’s also a robustly beautiful pattern, and one that looks especially good on these, the Goya Backpack and the Puzzle Wallet. Priced at SGD3150 and SGD1250 respectively, the former is a great bag for the everyday guy, while the latter could work for both him and her as a functional zip-around wallet.

Now available at Loewe boutiques in Singapore, you can head down soon and check out the other tartan-themed goodies as well, from the Tartan Elephant Mini Bag (along with the Tartan Elephant Coin Purse) to the Hammock in two sizes, along with selected RTW.

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Touch of Exotic: Loewe Elephant Mini Bag

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Loewe Elephant Mini Handbag

There is something about this Loewe Elephant Mini Bag that I find entertaining. It isn’t very often that I come across a handbag that is makes me laugh a little inside. The Loewe Elephant Mini Bag is definitely giggle-inducing.

At first glance, this Loewe Bag brought back childhood memories. A relative of mine had a classic car that everyone called the “pink elephant”- it was huge and the same color. So when I saw this bag that is shaped like an elephant and it happens to be the same hue of pink, I couldn’t help but think of that awful car. That’s what originally peaked my interest when I discover this bag. However, despite my memory, I think this bag is very cute.

When it comes to kitchy and quirky handbags, I love animal motifs. When it comes to the Loewe Elephant Mini Bag, I love how the design is so simple, which I can appreciate. Plus its small size makes it a great novelty piece. Who doesn’t like pink elephants? It would definitely make a great conversation starter!

The Loewe Elephant Candy Mini Bag Purse is available at these boutiques:

Loewe Elephant Candy Mini Bag 
One of the season’s biggest trends is the novelty purse. For Loewe resort handbag collection: The Elephant. Crafted from the finest quality tan leather, this bag has been expertly hand-sculpted in the shape of an elephant. It feels supremely light and is unlined to showcase the impeccable workmanship.

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Loewe Geometric Wedge Clutch

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