Gucci Ranked as Top Brand Among Social Media Influencers


Gucci is riding higher than ever on the earth of fashion, and it is not only thanks to its new acclaimed creative director. Ranked by R3 Worldwide and Bomoda as the top brand in the study of social media influencers, Gucci is mastering the art of bonding its refined roots with the world’s leading sources of inspirations, letting luxury meet social media in the best way possible.

Gucci Ranked as Top Brand Among Social Media Influencers

Bomoda, whose “team of data scientists, strategists, and market experts, helps companies delve into China and other emerging markets”, and R3 Worldwide, “a global consulting firm focused on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of marketers and their agencies”, joined forces to analyze 25 different luxury brands, studying their effectiveness and likeability among influencers and celebrity bloggers on platforms such as WeChat and Weibo.

Bomoda described the study as “a representative pool of those we have observed making the most significant efforts in China in the past two quarters”, with its report analyzing the “mentions, likes, reads, sentiment, purchase intent and total engagement — to form an overall picture of the strongest brands and the strongest opinion leaders.”

As for the selected labels, Bomoda and R3 Worldwide specifically looked for luxury labels that make ample usage of ‘key opinion leaders’ (KOLs) in China, such as TV celebrities and renowned socialites. The companies included in the researches non-Chinese KOLs on both WeChat and Weibo too, with Kendall Jenner being, of course, at the top of the case study, as her androgynous, urban-chic style is especially “favored by Chinese female Millennials to a greater degree than any current Western personality. This wave aligned her closely on Weibo and WeChat with ‘now’ trends such as slip dresses, crop tops, activewear and slippers.”

The report also meticulously analyzes each one of the luxury Maisons’ efficiency online, applying its criteria to more in-depth areas and case studies that are even more specific. While Gucci is at the core of both Weibo and WeChat’s rankings, the report’s authors mentioned Bulgari, DiorLancôme and Estée Lauder as Weibo’s top-4 associated brands, and Tiffany, Bulgari and Esteé Lauder as WeChat’s. Such results will likely help all of these Maisons build stronger engagements and partnerships with the Eastern World, just in time for the fashion-hungry Chinese market to triple by 2020.

As for the overall list, Bomoda and R3 Worldwide awarded Dior with a silver medal, andLouis Vuitton with a bronze one. Given the fact that Givenchy and Chanel were respectively ranked at number four and five, we can fairly state France is somewhat monopolizing the Chinese market.

Although such results are astonishing indeed, one more thing is worth mentioning.

As stated by the report’s authors, many KOLs are “indeed inefficient, but this is more a matter of misaligned and mismanaged expectations than a lack of relevance. For every one celebrity who commands large sums to promote a brand’s products but fails to generate the expected results, there is an unheralded and unpaid fashion blogger generating the necessary engagement and positive sentiment to affect sales.”

The report thus simultaneously reminds us – customers/social media influencers, as well asthem – the luxury labels, that the key to success is neither immediate nor easy. Buzzing around about a certain topic/luxury piece isn’t enough, and although numbers are indeed relevant, (positive) content and an immediate response will always be more valuable.

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A simple name.

Just ‘Gucci Bamboo Daily Leather Top Handle Bag’, but the bag is not as simple as we might expect.

It’s a new style from the Fall Winter 2016 Collection and just like every gorgeous bag, the name has a meaning: ‘Daily’ – made to use as an everyday bag.

Oh yes, just a reminder. If you’re seeking for classic Gucci handbags, here’s another one:

The Gucci Jackie Soft Flap Bag, you remember?

Presenting the Gucci Leather Top Handle with bamboo detailing on the flap closure. Bamboo’s has always been a part of Gucci’s history, in fact they have a ‘Bamboo Collection’ which has been around for more than sixty years.

READ: Gucci Presents Bamboo Confidential

And so the Bamboo Closure is a bit of a classic.

Now, this bag is not fancy or painted in such a way that it will draw a lot of attention. It’s rather simple and incredible glamorous if we take our time to dive into the details.

Crafted with durable leather and a bit of grainy. Finished with palladium hardware and featuring tone-on-tone baiadera cotton-linen lining. The edges are hand-painted with manual stitching. You can find a zip pocket and a smartphone pocket inside.

This bag comes with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap for multiple carrying. But the best way to enjoy it is to carry by hand. The Gucci Bamboo Daily Leather Top Handle Bag is perfect as an everyday bag and it comes in different colors like pastel blue, light grey and black. Pick your favorite shade for the Fall Winter 2016 Collection.

Measuring 16.3′ x 11′ x 6.6′ (W x H x D) inches,





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Gucci S/S15 Nautical Messenger


gucci_ss15-nautical-messengerHere’s an upcoming new season offering from Gucci that fans of both embroidered crests and stripes (in other words, nautical) should take note of. From the Spring-Summer 2015 Mens Gucci collection that’s also featured in the ad campaign, theNautical Messenger is exactly as the name suggests, a front-flapped, dual-buckle, blue and white striped canvas bag that’s also embellished with its own crest.

What’s more interesting about this messenger is its shoulder strap, which like the messenger also comes striped blue/white but that’s not all. It’s also unusually broad for a strap on a bag this size, the oversized proportion a nice contrast that should also make carrying it over the shoulder much more comfortable.

Priced at SGD3580 for this variation, there will be more in other materials, including one in exotic crocodile that should be rather stunning. Don’t have the images for those yet, so do stay tuned for more updates to come.

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The luxury Italian fashion house Gucci has just presented their new menswear spring/summer 2016 collection. Totally different accents in the runway, the brand shows distinctive prints and palettes with slouchy silhouettes, the presence of flirtatious seventies mood and fabulous retro-inspired vibe characterize most of the outfits during the catwalk of Milan fashion week. From floral, geometric and checked prints to zigzag and other intriguing patterns, 70’s-inspired tailoring and flared jeans, embroidery work and other details mixed with the signature and craftsmanship of the house while the colors like yellow, green, sky blue, mandarin red and other intense and vibrant tones reviving the atmosphere.

Gucci Spring/Summer 2016 Men's Runway Collection70-inspired mood with slouchy yet relaxed touch in Gucci Spring/Summer 2016 Menswear Runway Show
Gucci Menswear spring/summer 2016: 70-inspired flared gentlemen's apparels

Gucci Menswear spring/summer 2016: relaxed outfits in intense colors

Gucci Menswear spring/summer 2016: flora knight printed suit

Gucci Menswear spring/summer 2016: simple elegance men's tailored suit

Gucci Menswear spring/summer 2016: seventies-inspired men's embroidery & flare

Gucci Menswear spring/summer 2016: fresh resort look with retro vibe

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The Shoes of the Season: Gucci Leather Platform Pumps


The Shoes of the Season

It’s the end of Fashion Month, and after weeks of the mad dash between shows, shoots, and everything else in between, I’m still reaching for my Gucci platform pumps. If that’s not an endorsement for comfortable heels, I don’t know what is. They’re shockingly easy to walk in (just stay away from NYC’s Meatpacking District and most Parisian streets, aka the locations of pretty much every show I went to), and with the wide variety of color and hardware options, are even easier to incorporate into your wardrobe. I most recently wore my navy and white striped version to the Chanel show, paired with pieces by girl boss designers in honor of International Women’s Day: a Fallon choker, a Stella McCartney top, a J. Crew faux-fur scarf, and Ellery pants. No matter how you style them, though, these are THE shoes of the season, and considering Gucci’s fur slippers were the shoes of last season, it’s safe to say that the house has footwear (and for that matter, bags) on lock right now. I can’t wait to see what Alessandro Michele brings us next!

The Shoes of the Season

Gucci Leather Platform Pump 

The Shoes of the Season

Gucci Studded Leather Platform Pump 

The Shoes of the Season

Gucci Leather Platform Pump

The Shoes of the Season

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Classic recipes familiar bag! Gucci bamboo bag printing


Gucci has a new bag! This is the most classic Gucci bamboo bag Bamboo series this year, in early spring 2016 Gucci once again applied to the printing elements of classic bamboo bag, we can imagine there are a lot of people it is madness.


GucciPopularhalf a centuryclassicbamboo bag

Perhaps you have been recently Gucci bag embroidery printing Bacchus fascinated, but be sure not to neglect the classic Gucci handbags big hero for half a century, Gucci Bamboo bamboo bag! Bamboo bag is very rare, but also bamboo become most elements of the earliest recognizable Gucci, Gucci bamboo bag on the way the United States quietly.



Gucci Bamboo Series launched in early spring 2016 handbags

Gucci in 2016 re-launch of the early spring series Bamboo series bag with a full season in early spring 2016 the entire series of prints used in interpretation of the classic bamboo bag. It retains the curved bamboo handle bag, as well as fine bamboo-like buckles, collision retro classics and brand new atmosphere.



Gucci Bamboo Series launched in early spring 2016 handbags
This handbag section is currently only a small size of 27cm x 18cm, inside with three pockets and leather mirror. Printed bamboo handbag which launched four colors, three of which are carmine, cherry red and emerald green.



Gucci Bamboo Series launched in early spring 2016 handbags
Gucci’s new designer, is indeed the accessories design background, Gucci has long been a fan of my new, still or another of the classic love Gucci bamboo series, full of spring color printing, color was so rich but not tacky and tells the people how to resist!



Gucci Bamboo Series launched in early spring 2016 handbags



Gucci Bamboo Series launched in early spring 2016 handbags



Gucci Bamboo Series launched in early spring 2016 handbags



Gucci Bamboo Series launched in early spring 2016 handbags



Gucci Bamboo Series launched in early spring 2016 handbags



Gucci Bamboo Series launched in early spring 2016 handbags



Gucci Bamboo Series launched in early spring 2016 handbags



Gucci Bamboo Series launched in early spring 2016 handbags

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