Chanel Golden Class Double CC Bag and Studded Classic Flap Bag

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CHANEL has designed many handbags with the CC signature on the front, but not all of them are gorgeous and chic (in our opinion). But handbags that look similar to the Classic Flap Bags are usually to-die-for. For example, this Chanel Golden Double CC Flap Bag, can you turn your back on it?

This bag is a true statement-maker, it stands out even more than the Chanel Classic Flap Bag. The golden CC embellishment is not only shining bright, but it’s the first thing that any human eye will point to whenever they see you carrying it on your shoulder. It’s all about flaunting without effort and it is still a perfect everyday wear at the same time, for the weekends or the evenings.
The Chanel Golden Double CC Bag is quilted and comes with an interwoven chain link; it’s so luxurious that you will want to add it to your exclusive bag collection. On the other hand, if you already got the Classic Flap Bag, this version has an entirely different appearance.
To be honest, we were not thrilled with many seasonal bags, but the designs of the flap bags remain gorgeous. And of course, the boy bags were overwhelming hot and we were literally drooling – All of them please!Chanel-Studded-Fla-Bag-Grey
Studs can break or make a bag, depending on how it’s decorated on the exterior. It’s not a common thing that Chanel embellished their famous ‘Classic Flap Bag’ with little studs. Truly a work of art – small round shaped studs that look a bit like pearls are gently put on the quilts, which makes the bag more shiny and appealing.
And when its time for the night-out with the girls, the city lights will reflect on the little studs, creating an impact on everyone walking pass you.
The Chanel Classic Studded Flap Bag comes with an interwoven chain link and CC logo on the front.Chanel-Studded-Flap-Bag-In-Red

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I do not know if you’ve heard about the Secret Garden of Dior, it’s been said to be one of the most beautiful places on this planet. Flower is at the heart of Dior as Christian once quoted: ‘After women, flowers are the most divine creations.’

That’s why the Lady Dior Wallet printed with White Cosmos Flower represents everything about this brand. It’s not just the wallet, and it’s certainly not only the craftsmanship, the uniqueness lies in the timeless work of art, from the Lady Dior Collection that’s imbued with the couture spirit of Dior.


Diorissimo Pink Alstroemeria Flower Wallet


Diorissimo White Cosmos Flower Wallet

Having this wallet is like holding a piece of Dior, the ‘Rendez-vous wallet’ comes in two styles with each two variations. The Diorissimo Wallet does not need any introduction, you can either choose white in pink alstroemeria flowers and pink in white/black cosmos flowers. Measuring 19.5 x 10 cm.


Lady Dior Blue Rose Chain Wallet


Lady Dior White Cosmos Chain Wallet

The Lady Dior Wallet comes with a short chain, it’s also refined with the iconic D.I.O.R charm. The colors available are black in blue rose and black in white cosmos flowers. Measuring 19.5 x 10 cm, with chain of 35 cm, priced at £730 GBP and €780 euro’s.

These wallets are from the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, blossom your style when the trees are naked and the sky turns grey. Exclusive available at Lady Dior boutique.



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This Dolce and Gabbana Sicily Von Smartphone Bag screams vava voom in all the right places. Bright, eclectic and fun, one can never regret this bag choice if you’re into definite bag glamour.

From a distance and up close, this bag is a dream come to true for many boho chics out there. It’s that special bag that epitomizes and symbolizes the free spirit of your bohemian soul.

The black leather is a great background for all the colorful embellishments and ornaments which comes in crystals and beadings. No wonder that it gets an absolute YES in our book.

If you look closer, the inside of this bag is designed in a sleek wallet style, with just enough room to store your smartphone, keys and other essentials. You can wear this one over your hand or sling it over your shoulder or cross-body.

The Sicily Von Smartphone Bag has snap-button fastening for easy access, has internal smartphone slot pocket and seven credit card slots.

It measures 4 x 7 x 1 (H x W x D) inches.






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Dolce And Gabbana Golden Limited Edition Collection

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Gold is expensive and it represents wealth. And when Dolce & Gabbana mixed it with ‘art’, it becomes a complicated accessory. Presenting the Limited Edition of D&G Golden Collection.


Attention to the Leather Phone Clutch – besides made with ‘beautiful’ detailing (like studs) on the front, it can carry your phone. It s a deceptive phone clutch as it looks like a mini handbag, thanks to the curvy handles. If you open it up, it appears to be more than a phone holder, it features credit card compartments and so much more.

The Dolce & Gabbana Leather Phone Clutch is made exclusively for Luisa Via Roma in honor of the Firenze4ever 10th edition. Built from lambskin, measuring 10 x 15.5 x 3.5 (H x W x D) in cm,


Next, your attention to the D&G Macrame Lace Peep Toe please! It’s not only sexy, but it’s done really sophisticated with much attention to the details. It features a back zip closure, the heels are 105mm and it’s made entirely in gold. 


But if the heels are too high, you can always consider the Lurex Macrame Espadrilles, belief me you will need these for the Spring and Summer seasons.


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