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We do not really talk much about the Bottega Veneta brand, but when we do, you can be certain that we’re featuring a stunning handbag.

Bottega Veneta just released a new shoulder bag – the Olimpia Bag. I love the name, it’s quite unique, but the design is even more interesting.

You can have it in the classic intrecciato nappa print, but you can also choose one of the impressive embroidered designs.


Like this one, the decoration is called ‘mist’ and it basically represents small flowers in darker shades for the upcoming fall winter seasons. The bag is refined with strong chain strap and a front flap. The interior comes with two compartments and fitted with a zip pocket. Your daily essentials can be structured easily inside and there is plenty of room.

Bottega Veneta leathers are impeccable, the design are elegant, feminine and ideal for casual and for work. The Olimpia Bag comes in three different sizes; the baby size is measured 15 x 22 x 8 (H x W x D) cm and priced at $2030 USD or €1850 euro, the small size is measured 17 x 25 x 7,5 cm (H x W x D) cm and priced at $2470 USD or €2250 euro, the medium measured 30 x 21,5 x 10 (W x H x D) cm













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New Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Bucket Bag

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Ahoy, ladies! This time, we’re going in for the kill with another piece that’s one to watch out for…or not? Well, depending on your taste for the exotic, quirky pieces, you may or may not love this next bag we have for you. The Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Bagis an impressive contender in the bag architecture department, and with just a look we’re a bit impressed with its dynamic, over-the-top design (bucket bags don’t look like this…not even close). Again, we’re stressing that it’s based on preference, so if you like funky shapes, then this is your piece!

Speaking of reinvention, Ferragamo finishes things up with a butter-soft chocolate-brown leather cutout, and is inlaid with a satin bagthat comes in a divine shade of raspberry pink. Honestly, it looks like dessert! It has a drawstring fastening, which secures all of your stuff in place.

Ferragamo Bag Price  you can get your very own Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Bucket Bag viaMyTheresa.

Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Bucket Bag

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Would You Wear... a Woven Purse?

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Product Information: Aha, Urban Outfitters
Product Information: AhaUrban Outfitters

Woven purses are summer's must-have style. Whether it's actual wood (above-left), straw, leather, or other materials, these bags are beyond fashionable. 

We don't anticipate this style will be in for long past the summer, so we don't suggest investing in an expensive bag. Search your favorite fast fashion stores for an affordable one for instant beach and picnic vibes.

Product Information: Etsy, Modcloth, Kate Spade

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Chanel Seamless Greek Boy Brick Bag

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Remember the Boy Brick Bag? The flagrantly expensive shoulder bag, inspired by Lego and worn by the most famous celebrities?

Well, the bag is back.

For those that have missed the opportunity, now it is the chance to get one for your wardrobe. The Chanel Boy Brick Bag is a rare design – unique and timeless.

Let’s brag more about it…

The size is comparable to the mini bag. The beauty about the Chanel Boy Brick Bag is in the design. You see, on the front there are six bricks (now you know why its called the boy brick) decorated and beautified with an extremely large vintage CC logo on the front.

The chains are large enough to wear on your shoulder or cross body. For this season, Chanel has added a new print – the seamless Greek Print, which is the black pattern in the center of the bag.

The nice texture and the combination color of black and gold makes this accessory an everyday item and easy to wear from day to night, even from Spring to the Winter season. Measuring 4.7’ x 5.9’ x 2.4’ inches, this  Chanel bag price  at 3250 euro , available via Chanel boutique.


Chanel Seamless Greek Boy Brick BagChanel Seamless Greek Boy Brick Bag


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Top 5 Rock Formation Clutches: Between a Rock and a Haute Place

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Top 5 Rock-Formation Clutches

Getting back to nature has never been so chic and glamorous. Usually when you think of taking a hike, dusty trails and jagged edges come to mind. Some of these rock-inspired clutches definitely feature the latter, but in the sleekest way possible. So go ahead and get in touch with your edgier, tougher side, no hiking boots required. All you need are these clutches that show you’re in charge – they can also double as weapons!

Top 5 Rock-Formation Clutches

1. Jill Haber Sylvester Clutch: In a modern mix of steel and mother of pearl, Jill has taken the concept of coarse rocks and made them smooth, suave, and disco-worthy. 

Top 5 Rock-Formation Clutches

2. J. Mendel Mother-of-Pearl & Shell Evening Minaudière: When your box clutch is made of a material this beautiful, it needs no other details. Gold-tone piping on a clean envelope style is just enough. Top 5 Rock-Formation Clutches

3. Giuseppe Zanotti Design Glitter Clutch: Usually glitter reads girly, but when it’s this geometric and geological by nature, it reads glamorously tough. 

Top 5 Rock-Formation Clutches

4. Rauwolf Castellum Minaudière: Think more cosmopolitan skyscraper than mountain ranges. Rauwolf is genius when it comes to bringing natural elements to elevated clutches, and this combination of faceted plexiglass and mirrors is a standout.

Top 5 Rock-Formation Clutches

5. Balenciaga Le Dix Box Minaudière Bag: Who says a rocky bag can’t be slick? Balenciaga might have the best way with marble we’ve ever seen. 

Top 5 Rock-Formation Clutches

Bonus: Charlotte Olympia D – Diamond Leather Clutch: This one may not be made of anything that actually comes out of the earth, but I had to include this wink to the ultimate rocks. 

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