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Imagine the story of this picture: It’s a nice day and you are feeling great. After a long day of shopping, you decided to take a well-deserved break at a local coffee & tea bar, to get a cold drink and a sweet waffle…together with your companion, the Hermes Maxi Box Bag.

The Hermes Maxi Box Bag was launched in 2014, it is a beautiful duffle bag with double zipper and large interior. The price for the Hermes MaxiBox Bag in size 37 and calfskin is $9950 USD.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful bag with us Thani!


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The Chanel Mini Classic Flap Bag must be a bag made in heaven. Just one look at it makes you fall in love and completely obsessed. And perhaps this bag is just too dangerous, because once you get addicted, there is no doctor that can save you.

We call this bag ‘Rectangle’ because of its shape. There is another Mini size available but in ‘Square’ shape. Both bags are the second smallest size of the Classic Flap Bag Collection. The Chanel Mini Classic Flap Bag is an iconic bag and it has Chanel’s trademark all over it. The interlocking CC logo made by Karl Lagerfeld, the beautiful diamond quilting and the lady-like woven chain strap that comes with it.

Now, the ‘So Black’ editions are very rare. It’s also called ‘All Black’ and that’s because their leather as well as the hardware is crafted in black. Knowing this, the Chanel So Black Mini Classic Flap Bag is obviously hard-find even if when you know they’re available in the current season. You need to catch them but visiting to the boutiques and ask the SA whether they’ve it in stock. But once you’ve own such a beauty, it’s always yours and it will be the best investment you’ll ever made.

The Chanel Mini Classic Flap Bag (Rectangle) has the style code A66990 and is measured 8′ x 5′ x 2′ inches. This bag retails for $3700 USD, €2490 euro via Chanel boutiques.

So we wish you a productive and happy hunting!


Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

This is the same Chanel Rectangle Mini Classic Flap Bag but in Chevron Quilting instead of the diamond quilting. This bag is a very rare item as well because of the ‘So Black’ design.


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95 Pics of Céline’s Summer 2017 Bags

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Chanel Golden Class Double CC Bag and Studded Classic Flap Bag

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CHANEL has designed many handbags with the CC signature on the front, but not all of them are gorgeous and chic (in our opinion). But handbags that look similar to the Classic Flap Bags are usually to-die-for. For example, this Chanel Golden Double CC Flap Bag, can you turn your back on it?

This bag is a true statement-maker, it stands out even more than the Chanel Classic Flap Bag. The golden CC embellishment is not only shining bright, but it’s the first thing that any human eye will point to whenever they see you carrying it on your shoulder. It’s all about flaunting without effort and it is still a perfect everyday wear at the same time, for the weekends or the evenings.
The Chanel Golden Double CC Bag is quilted and comes with an interwoven chain link; it’s so luxurious that you will want to add it to your exclusive bag collection. On the other hand, if you already got the Classic Flap Bag, this version has an entirely different appearance.
To be honest, we were not thrilled with many seasonal bags, but the designs of the flap bags remain gorgeous. And of course, the boy bags were overwhelming hot and we were literally drooling – All of them please!Chanel-Studded-Fla-Bag-Grey
Studs can break or make a bag, depending on how it’s decorated on the exterior. It’s not a common thing that Chanel embellished their famous ‘Classic Flap Bag’ with little studs. Truly a work of art – small round shaped studs that look a bit like pearls are gently put on the quilts, which makes the bag more shiny and appealing.
And when its time for the night-out with the girls, the city lights will reflect on the little studs, creating an impact on everyone walking pass you.
The Chanel Classic Studded Flap Bag comes with an interwoven chain link and CC logo on the front.Chanel-Studded-Flap-Bag-In-Red

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The Bag Trend Every Busy Girl Loves

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Handbag trends are taking a turn for the luxe this fall, though a busy girl favorite remains prevalent for the season—backpacks. No longer exclusive to middle-school students, a sleek pack slung over your shoulders is a pragmatic alternative to totes and carryalls. The key to ensuring grown-up vibes? Choosing styles that employ structure and elegant details (namely forgo the key chains, buttons and patches). From minimalist to bohemian to embellished, here are 15 sophisticated backpacks for every style and budget.Backpacks LeadCharles Keith Two Way 800

Two-Way Backpack, Charles & KeithZara 800

Velvet Backpack, Zara

  • Mini Backpack, Loeffler Randall
  • Dalia Large Leather Backpack, MICHAEL Michael Kors
DVF 800
  • Love Power Backpack, Diane von Furstenberg 
Front Lapel MANGO 800
  • Front Lapel Backpack, Mango 
  • Pebbled Leather Backpack, Elizabeth and James
Coach 800
  • MINI Turnlock Rucksack, Coach 
Fernwah MANU 800
  • Fernweh Mini Leather-Trimmed Suede Backpack, Manu Atelier
Marc Jacobs 800
  • J Marc Backpack, Marc Jacob
Rebecca Minkoff 800
  • Moto Backpack, Rebecca Minkoff
Gucci 800
  • Soho Textured-Leather Backpack, Gucci
Von holtzhaun 800
  • The Bucket Backpack, von Holzhausen 
Alexander McQueen 800
  • Small Studded Leather Backpack, Alexander McQueen 
The Row 800
  • Leather Backpack, The Row

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Fall-Winter 2016 Accessories Supreme

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Supreme. Honestly I don’t get it sometimes. Actually, I should say I do, especially when I own 4 or 5 accessories from the brand myself, which are basically just everyday items given Supreme’s bright (and bold) stamp of approval. You could even say that because of aforementioned branding, each mundane item is greatly elevated into a category of collectibles more sought after those McDonald’s Hello Kitty plush dolls.

And from their Fall-Winter 2016 line-up comes a small sampling of what will be available soon, that I’m hoping will be sold via come 25 August 2016 when their online store ‘reopens’. So what do I want? Well, for starters, the B&O portable speaker (love, right?), a couple of key rings and pens, the lucite box, that tacky plastic bowl which is a must-have, that Zippo lighter (iridescent, ok!) and of course, that seemingly innocent looking glass ash-tray that comes with some naughty wording.

There’s even a brick (yes, a Supreme-branded brick, the type you use to build walls with) that will be sold. Like I said, I don’t get them, I just want them.

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