The Best Color Correctors For Every Skin Tone

2016-8-27 fashion Fashion

Unless you have a degree in fine arts, color correcting is somewhat baffling. Every beauty supply store is filled with options ranging from green to peach to purple where previously there had only been skin-toned products. Rather than assume there is a growing portion of the population with a green complexion (there is not), get on board with these genius products that can do everything from conceal dark circles to redness. First things first? Learning which hues work best with your complexion. For example, peach-tone concealers work best to cover dark spots on fair skin tones, while those with deep skin tones have to opt for bright orange instead. Green and yellow concealers cater to every skin tone seeking to correct  redness that might be a result of acne or rosacea. Peruse this guide to find which products best address your concerns and suit your skin tone.color-correctors-redness-all-skin

Concern: Redness


Best for: All skin tones

Yellow concealers combat wild redness across all skin tones, but green caters better to any intense redness.


Concern: Dark Circles and Dark Spots

Best for: Fair skin tones

Peach tones help those with lighter skin tones cover up any dark spots or dark circles.


Concern: Dark Circles and Dark Spots

Best for: Medium skin tones

Light orange shades are ideal for those with medium/tan skin tones when it comes to keeping dark spots and circles at bay.


Concern: Dark Circles and Dark Spots

Best for: Deep skin tones

Deep oranges and red concealers work best for those with very deep skin tones.


Concern: Dullness

Best for: Fair skin tones

For covering any dullness, those with light skin tones should apply pink-toned concealers.


Concern: Dullness

Best for: Medium and dark skin tones

Medium/tan skin tones should consider purple concealers for hiding any sallowness in their face.

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