Jimmy Choo Heads to Sunny California for Spring 2016 Campaign

2016-6-15 fashion Designer Shoes

Nadja Bender stars in Jimmy Choo's spring-summer 2016 campaignNadja Bender stars in Jimmy Choo’s spring-summer 2016 campaign

The Jimmy Choo woman catches some sun for the brand’s spring-summer 2016 campaign. Starring Nadja Bender, the images were captured on location in Los Angeles, California, by Cass Bird. Posing poolside, the model can be seen wearing new season styles including the Halley platform sandals and Vivy sunglasses.

“I wanted the new campaign to illustrate the Jimmy Choo woman and man of today; they have a natural radiance and allure that comes from being confident and self-assured.  For the women’s campaign, the imagery captures the modern woman – she’s confident with a laid-back approach to glamour that emanates from her self-assurance and unequivocal personal sense of style.” Sandra Choi, Creative Director of Jimmy Choo, says in an official statement.


An image from Jimmy Choo's spring 2016 campaignAn image from Jimmy Choo’s spring 2016 campaignModel wears Vivi sunglasses in Jimmy Choo's spring 2016 campaignModel wears Vivi sunglasses in Jimmy Choo’s spring 2016 campaign


Jimmy Choo Halley 120 Suede Platform Sandals

Jimmy Choo Halley 120 Suede Platform SandalsJimmy Choo Kayden Denim and Leather Platform Sandals

Jimmy Choo Kayden Denim and Leather Platform SandalsJimmy Choo Rebel Mini Cross Body Bag

Jimmy Choo Rebel Mini Cross Body BagJimmy Choo Taytum Mix Horn Heel Sandals

Jimmy Choo Taytum Mix Horn Heel Sandals


Nicole Kidman appeared in Jimmy Choo's spring 2014 campaignNicole Kidman appeared in Jimmy Choo’s spring 2014 campaign

The shoe and accessories label has become synonymous with luxury and elegance. In the past, Jimmy Choo has enlisted actress Nicole Kidman as well as top models for its advertisements. No matter the season, the Jimmy Choo woman is always polished and dressed to the hilt.

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